Thomas Henry Moray came up with a device back in 1901 which he apparently was able to obtain up to 7000 watts from the air which he powered his home from.

There is lots of talk and videos about ‘free energy’ circuits which pulls electricity out of the air. Devices that have large electrical current without any apparent source. Other simple devices can be created that is able to light numerous florescent tubes from a small battery.

This device (patent 685957) filed by Nikola Tesla is similar to how RF energy can be extracted, but tuned to extract natural background radiation.

We can’t be sure how Thomas achieved this, whether coming from radiation, magnetic fields, or faked, but hundreds of people witnessed this as he regularly demonstrated his experiment.  Its suggested the device extracted energy by resonating a large magnetic field, somehow pinging a magnetic disturbance then extracting energy from the reflection.

There are devices based on the Thomas oscillator circuit being named a SEC circuit (Spatial Energy Coherence) which allows you to play with this background energy.

There are hundreds of YouTube ‘experiments’ on this, but seems most if not all are faking the results.  They say people are not seeing this energy used because oil companies are actively suppressing the technology.

Below are some old videos with some information on the history and current experiments.


1930s – Thomas Moray

The Sea Of Energy In Which The Earth Floats


Thomas Moray

Brief video document on Thomas Moray,

No information is really known about the source of this video below, but seems be copied from VHS, and so probably at least 30 years old.  The demonstrator is not the scientist responsible in creating this.  I believe the rods are not made of 73 & 74 elements as stated, but is made from element 73 (Tantalum), the element 74 (Tungsten).  I’m wondering if was created as a radioactive material that was given a charge while moulding them. 

Below is the inventor Lorrie Matchett using a different device he created, but is using similar principles to Dr Stiffler’s device in obtaining free energy.

Here’s my experiment with a SEC circuit.  Although I can create over a 1000 volts, the energy output hasn’t actually increased; when you account for the lowering of amperage the total wattage is still the same. 

The circuit was inspired by this, which produces similar results..

More old information on SEC circuits here

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