Personally, I thought it was hype when I hear about how refugees are given fully furnished homes with such conditions that they must require a 20″ TV, but here’s extracts taken from their tenancy agreement

Quotes taken directly from the Schedule 1 of the April 2001 Asylum seekers tenancy agreement:

1.3 The Property shall have an adequate and safe supply of electricity, water and other utilities as required and where all meters shall be of the quarterly type; for the avoidance of doubt the use of card or key meters shall not be allowed;

1.7 The Property shall have a full and safe central heating system installed. Paraffin or bottled gas fed heating systems shall not be used;

1.13 The Property shall be furnished and fitted out to a reasonable standard taking ito account the status and limited means of those persons who will be in occupancy and shall include the furniture and fittings below;

Stewpot, kettle, toaster, chip pan, tin opener, iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, broom & mop set, swing bin, dustbin complete with lid, washing up bowl, kitchen knife set and 3 tea towels.

For each Occupant:

Knife and fork, large spoon, tea spoon, dinner plate, side plate, breakfast bowl, drinking glass, new mug.

For each living room:

1 new twenty inch screen colour television complete with license which shall be renewed at each annual anniversary of the Start Date throughout the term.
1 coffee table
1 dining table
1 dining chair per occupant
2 ash trays
Sufficient easy chairs for the number of bed spaces

For Each Bedroom

1 wardrobe with lock (single) or chest of drawers
1 new bed
1 new blanket or duvet
1 new bottom sheet
1 new top sheet or duvet cover


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