Ukraine's troubles stem from Battalion of Azov and US interference


The problems of Ukraine has been going on for years, especially in the Southern Eastern cities, like Donbas, and in coastal cities of Mariupol & Odessa, all not far from the Russian border.

The trouble started in 2013 after then Ukraine government suspended a association agreement with the EU diplomats, stating that they could not afford the costs they had imposed on Ukraine, it would have also opened their borders to unwanted migrants and its agreements would have killing a lot of Ukraine’s manufacturing businesses.  The next 4 months saw many anti-governments protests which were being financially backed by the US democrat party.  This finally resulted in overthrowing the government with many parliament members fleeing the country. (in 2014)

The US democrats then helped to install the next Ukraine regime and appointed Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden) within a Ukrainian oil company even though he never previously worked within the oil industry and couldn’t speak their language.

One of his first acts of the new regime was to ban Russian, Hungarian, Romanian and Moldovan languages within many areas of Ukraine.  This and other actions started the civil war between pro-nationalists Ukrainians and pro-Russian in the East of the country.

Organised crime was becoming a problem, but got worse when their southern country of Crimea was taken over by Russia in Feb 2014.

Russia also had its military entering parts of Ukraine, which was when their Buk missile was launched against a plane at 33,000 feet, probably were unware it was the passenger aircraft of MH17; the hardware used wasn’t built to easily tell the difference between a military or passenger planes.

But there’s a story of 6 drug addicts who were victimising people around the city.  The police jailed them, but a city executive arrived ‘Andriy Biletsky’ also a regiment leader, told them to let them go or they would burn down the police department. (cite:Alexander Lukyanov Video)  The police headquarters was later attacked by ’60 terrorists’, an official statement said it was ‘pro-Russian’ forces. (cite:Syndey Herald & BBC News)

2014. These criminals were part of the ‘Azov Battalion’, a militias group well known for having many individuals with far right white supremacist views, they wore yellow badges with a symbol not too different from the Nazi Swastika.  They originated from a gang called ‘Patriot of Ukraine‘, (cite:Nation), and the city executive was its leader.  But the group was now guarding Ukraine from Russia, and helped to control pro-Russian groups within the country, and so continued to be part of the National Guard of Ukraine. (cite:The GuardianBBC Newsnight)

Azov Symbol

2015. The US, particularly the democrat party, wanted to help them defend against Russia. (cite:Politico Story) Hillary Clinton said they wanted to do this by funding the Ukrainian army; Russia believed that the US was trying to start a war against them (cite:Foreign Policy Story).

2016. US congress signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which included $250 million “to provide assistance, including training; equipment; lethal weapons of a defensive nature; logistics support, supplies and services; sustainment; and intelligence support to the military and national security forces of Ukraine.”, (

2016. UN release report about Human rights violations committed by Azov & Aidar, including torturing, beatings, sexual violence & rape.

2018. Azov is receiving support from the US, Canada, and Israel. (cite:The Real News Network)

2019. Shortly after Zelenskyy became Ukraine’s new president, he went and spoke directly to the Azov troops, told them to pull back, but they said they wouldn’t and threatening to kill him. (cite:Ivan Tweet Video)

Andriy Biletsky

2020, Azov Battalion uses Facebook to help grow and organise itself, funding adverts asking children to sign up for training against the government. (cite: buzzfeed news)

2021, Arsen Avakov, an Ukraine interior minister associated with Azov resigns.  He mentioned that they have received $2 billion from the US for military equipment. (

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

2022, 19th February 2022, US Vice-President Kamala Harris in Munich at a press conference saying he wants Ukraine to join NATO, some suggesting by this that the US wanted to put weapons in Ukraine.(cite: archive video and White House statement)

2022. Russia invades Ukraine on the 24th February, saying it’s a ‘special operation’ to ‘denazify’ Ukraine (cite:Putin & BBC News) (after lying about any possibility of invasion during a massive build up of military on its border).  The ‘denazify’ he spoke of was about the Azov Battalion. (cite:Graham Phillips).  Putin also says he’s not happy about the western military build up in the country, and also wants the removal of the new bio-labs near its border. (cite:Al Jazeera)

Most outlets deny the bio-labs exist; the UN says there is no evidence (cite:Global News), however there are around 14 ‘biological research facilities’ in Ukraine who are researching deadly pathogens, and are receiving funds from the US pentagon, as admitted by the US Secretary of State and backed up by the US Director of National intelligence (cite:Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing & Tucker Carlson on Fox News).  Leaked documents from the US government show that they had an agreement with a Kansas company called ‘Black & Veatch‘ which operated a ‘biological threat reduction project’ within Ukraine. (cite: Redacted).  But very little evidence is likely to exists today, as they were quickly closed on the day of the Russian invasion; Putin later stated that they had been bombed.

Vladimir Putin

Today, The Azov Battalion are still killing civilians, (cite:Alexander Lukyanov VideoPatrick Lancaster Video, Graham Phillips Video and captured solider interview) telling them its part of the ‘cleansing’, (cite:video).  They also appear to be doing most of the damage to the city of Mariupol (cite:Patrick Lancaster Video)

Russia is attempting to achieve its stated objectives, but their movements suggest other objectives too.  They appear to want complete control over Ukraine, but Ukraine’s army with the help of the US and NATO has been preparing for years, and have a good chance of defeating Russia.

US policies were part of the reason Russia started the war, and now the US with agreement of congress have announced more billion dollar funding and weapon shipments to the Ukraine. US wants to weaken the Russian military, as stated by the US Defense Secretary recently. (cite:the Hill, npr)

Soon after the war started, the Prime Minster of Israel (Naftali Bennett) try to be a mediator in attempt to stop the war.  He met with Putin (on 4th March), and spoke with Mr Zelenskyy, the US, the UK, German and the French.  There were real will on both Russian and Ukraine side to reach a ceasefire.  Both sides had made major compromises, and were very close to a peaceful agreement.  But when he spoke with the Western leaders they would gave strong indications that they prefer to keep striking Putin and then blocked his efforts for a possible ceasefire.

A few weeks after this, Ukrainian and Russian officials met in Istanbul in Turkey and came again close to a deal; both sides thought the war was likely soon to end, but then Boris Johnson visited Kiev and apparently urged Zelenskyy not to negotiate with Russia.  It appears NATO partners preferred the war to continue as to “weaken Russia” – a quote from US Army general Lloyd Austin.

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