Many VPN companies claim 'Total Privacy' with '100% security' which is completely false

VPNs can only hide your internet interaction from your local ISP.  A VPN does not make you anonymous, and does not give you any additional security.

Kitboga, a youtuber, makes a good video on this, as he mentions all the various reasons why a VPN isn’t always the best idea.

This does not mean a VPN is completely useless though, it has its place, and it can improve privacy when it is used correctly.  The problem is that 90% of VPN users don’t know how to use a VPN in a manner that would benefit them.




  • Stops your local ISP seeing your internet activities
  • Good for accessing GEO blocked website content
  • Makes ad tracking a little more difficult


  • Does not fix your online privacy
  • Does not give you security
  • Does not stop viruses
  • Does not stop hacks
  • Does not stop browser history
  • Does not stop online tracking
  • You will lose your anonymity if you connect to any social websites
  • Most VPN will slow down your connection
  • VPN companies can easily gather data
  • VPN companies have cooperated with the government

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