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Way back in 2004, I created an online chatroom.  I programmed it on a dedicated asp server, it was new, one of the very few chat rooms that first existed online. 

I had programmed many things over the previous years, but programming web pages was something I only recently started doing.

It had taken some effort to develop this chatroom as software technology hadnt really caught up, there was no means of quickly sending and receiving messages through a single web page except I had found unintended querk in how browsers work.  About a year later, a thing called ‘ajax’ was made available in most browsers, which made it much easier for browsers to communicate to servers while staying on the same web page.

After it was built I had hoped it would be popular, but days past after going online and not much happened, so I forgot about it for while until months later where upon randomly checking in I found there was masses of users all logged in and they had been chatting for weeks, the chat room was alive!

People from all over the country was chatting and forming friendly bonds, and coming back to the room day after day.  Many of these people met up and babies was born!

The chatroom still exists today, untouched from its original querky design, and can be found here:

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