£1.263 billion pounds Britain gives to the EU every single week

and has been doing so for sometime. Over £300 billion (gross) we have given the EU in total, according to the government’s own figures.

Though these figures appear staggering, this is only the direct payments made; it does not include all the indirect costs, which actually brings the amount to £2.26 billion per week.

With the government always trying to generate more money by constantly increasing taxes on petrol, income tax, council tax, etc and cutting costs in College fees, Health Service, etc.. Why don’t they just stop the huge payments to the EU?

What can we do about it? Well, not a lot! With Conservative being pro Europe and Labour being pro Europe, options are limited. The only party that speaks any sense on this issue is the UK Independence Party. Though getting near a million votes, didnt get a single seat.

Maybe try a petition? Well there are a number of petitions already in action. some to do with problems auditing the amounts going to the EU, (as it seems there has been some corruption issues). But if enough people sign a petition, then it would become obvious that British people are in at least in agreement, and then something might get done about it.

But at the moment, not enough are signing petitions, so little chance of anything happening there. The problem being that not enough people are even aware.

Government published figures

  UK Gross
2007   £13,1 billion
2008   £14.6 billion
2009   £13.7 billion
2010   £14.4 billion
2011   £14.3 billion est

Update: May 2013

Nigel Farage : UK future without Europe

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