19 May 2024 in Environment, Future, Space

Earth’s Magnetic Field

There's an invisible shield enveloping our planet, protecting us from the harsh forces of space. This shield is Earth's magnetic field, an essential yet often overlooked aspect of our world.…
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17 February 2024 in AI

AI Text-to-Video

Getting AI to create videos has been a challenge, but today OpenAI has unveiled Sora, a significant advancement in the generation of realistic and imaginative videos based just on a…
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22 July 2023 in Tech

Computer Viruses made by your Government

Did you know that many computer viruses that infect computers have been created by governments? The tools for detecting computer viruses and malware have been improving, leading to the discovery…
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3 April 2023 in AI

What is AI?

AI = Artificial intelligence Computer nerds around the world have been trying for years to create computers which act like some humanoid robot, something that they can have a conversation…
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7 February 2023 in Electrical, Future, Space

Space Propulsion

Just my physics idea.. Getting to space is hard.. If humans are to travel to other stars, we need a completely new unimagined propulsion system.  Although our industries are trying…
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3 April 2022 in Politics

Ukraine War

Ukraine The problems of Ukraine has been going on for years, especially in the Southern Eastern cities, like Donbas, and in coastal cities of Mariupol & Odessa, all not far…
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23 May 2021 in Space

Tic Tac UFOs

UFO's shaped like a Tic Tac is a real thing Multiple witnesses Flying at hyper-speeds No signs of propulsion Transmedium (space/air/water) Multiple pilots have seen these UFO's daily, reporting that…
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7 December 2020 in Space

SpaceX StarShip Test Flight

Blue - Feed finishedGreen - Live FeedA new, very large rocket is in development, name ‘Starship’, and its about to take its first high flight into the atmosphere. The rocket…
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5 August 2020 in History

Beirut Explosion

A warehouse in the North port of Beirut, Lebanon exploded on Tues 4th Aug 2020 at 6:08pm. (local time) The warehouse had explosive materials that was confiscated from a ship…
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26 July 2020 in Future, Space

China is creating their own Space Station

China have designed and built most of their new space station, and will soon start launching it up to space in separate modules.  It will be much smaller than the…
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25 July 2020 in Environment

World Population expected to decrease

The world population growth has actually been decreasing over the years, from 2% to 1%, and is predicted to drop below zero, leading to the population shrinking after reaching about…
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19 July 2020 in Environment

Global methane emissions reach record high

Highly detailed findings were published on Earth System Science Data by a collaboration of researchers (14th July 2020 link) Methane is 28 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than…
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18 July 2020 in Politics, Websites

Facebook has been wiretapping for years

A federal court ruled that Facebook has been 'wiretapping' after a nine-year legal battle.  The class action lawsuit is filed under a provision of the federal Wiretap Act. Have you…
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4 July 2020 in Future, Space

New Mars Rovers

Mars and Earth have different orbits, but every few years they line up, given us a 17 day window to launch stuff to Mars.  There's several missions to Mars within…
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14 June 2020 in Tech

Sony’s New Playstation 5

Sony has announced the new PS5, expected to be in the shops before this Christmas digital version - UK £359,  €399,  US$399,  AU$599 physical version - UK £449,  €449,  US$499, …
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13 June 2020 in Tech

Internet from space

Internet is still being delivered to homes and businesses mostly by copper cables, cables originally designed for analogue phones.  Only recently fibre connections and mobile towers have been taking on…
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7 June 2020 in Tech, Websites

Google secretly amassing user data

“Google tracks and collects consumer browsing history and other web activity data no matter what safeguards consumers undertake to protect their data privacy,” according to the complaint filed Tuesday in…
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6 June 2020 in Future

Earth Future

The Near Future: 2021 AD : Summer Olympics in Tokyo,  Japan 2022 AD : ExoMars rover touches down on Mars 2022 AD : Winter Olympics in Beijing, China 2023 AD…
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3 June 2020 in AI

AI creates Face that matches Sketches

In a recent demo by Hongbo Fu at SIGGRAPH 2020, an AI has been taught to create realistic images of faces as to match sketches made by the user. reference:…
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27 May 2020 in Tech

VPNs don’t give you privacy

VPNs can only hide your internet interaction from your local ISP.  Even the best VPN's does not make you anonymous, and does not give you any additional security, infact 1…
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22 May 2020 in Space

SpaceX launching crew to the ISS

Crew being delivered to the space station on a new ship SpaceX has spent years preparing for this day.  After launching many cargo missions up to the space station, they are…
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8 April 2020 in Tech

5G is not dangerous

What is 5G? Its the broad name given to the 5th generation technology used for mobile phones. A lot of this new technology will be using higher 1mm frequency ranges…
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7 March 2020 in Tech

Spying on the Scammers

Jim Browning, an alias for a hacker who hacks the scammers, has spent the last few years listening in on their calls, reading their manager reports, and watches the scammers…
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16 November 2019 in Tech

Scammer betrays his boss

Have you ever been contacted by Apple Support telling you your Apple ID has been suspended? "Today I'm getting to the bottom of this scam. Turns out these scammers are…
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28 September 2019 in Environment, People

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is usually seen as a brat who seemly took up their parents views on climate change, but whether you like or hate her she is attempting to at…
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6 July 2019 in Space

SpaceX Starship

Most rockets are built for one-time use, but their SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets are being reused 5 times.  It primary achieves this with clever software which reorientates the rocket after…
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20 April 2019 in Future

India population outgrows China

In about 2025, Indian will outgrow China to become the country with the largest population.  India has been rapidly catching up for a few years, according to the UN's predictions.…
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10 March 2019 in AI

AI fakes Joe Rogan

AI is already driving cars, inside your phone, and running many aspects of the web, but here AI has learned how to talk like the youtuber Joe Rogan, and after…
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10 November 2018 in Tech

Jet Suits

Checkout these recent mind blowing jet suits some individuals have built.. Richard Browning builds a flying suit, starts Gravity Industries business... Franky Zapata invents the 'Flyboard Air' and demonstrates it…
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6 April 2018 in Environment

Indonesian Island Oil Spill

Pertamina, has finally admitted (on Wednesday 4th April 2018) that its pipes used for transporting crude oil has ruptured polluting a very large area of water with millions of gallons…
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3 March 2018 in Space

Private citizens go around the Moon

Yusaku Maezawa & Elon Musk Yusaku Maezawa, a rich Japanese billionaire paid SpaceX an unenclosed huge sum of money to take himself and several others on a trip around the…
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17 April 2015 in Tech

The Home Kitchen Robot

Moley Robotics has created a kitchen robot which has been programmed by some of the best chefs
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17 June 2014 in Tech

HP announces new computer architecture

HP announces a completely new computer architecture that changes everything you know about computer hardware...
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7 May 2014 in Future, Space

Mars Mission announced

On 30 April 2013, NASA said that it renegotiated a $424 million contract with Roscosmos for ISS transportation services in 2016, which will include six seats in Soyuz rockets with…
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24 April 2014 in Space

Meteors / Asteroid strikes

It appears that asteroids are hitting Earth more commonly than previously thought. B612 foundation released information on the frequency with which the Earth is hit by asteroids. The organisation says…
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2 April 2014 in Tech, Websites

Queensland Tech

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced online marketing and website development company? Look no further than Queensland Tech. We are a team of technical experts based in Australia,…
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31 March 2014 in History

Flight MH370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on 8 March 2014.  An international passenger flight operated by Malaysia Airlines.  Here are some factual references.. factual reference Flight MH370 a Boeing 777-200ER (serial 9M-MRO)…
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22 November 2013 in Politics

Matt Damon reads Howard Zinn’s speech

Matt Damon reads from Howard Zinn's speech "The Problem is Civil Obedience" (from Nov 1970). Matt Damon reads from Howard Zinn's speech "The Problem is Civil Obedience" (November 1970). Matt…
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27 September 2013 in History

Earth History

Human life on Earth is just a blip in Earth's history, so much has happened before humans ever existed.  Here's a list of extraordinary global events which you missed.. 13.8…
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14 September 2013 in Politics

Australian vote is rigged!

A lot of Australia are wondering how Tony Abbott became PM Have you not noticed that ABC had kept Tony Abbott's face on TV?   On nearly every story his views…
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