5G is not dangerous

What is 5G? Its the broad name given to the 5th generation technology used for mobile phones.

A lot of this new technology will be using higher 1mm frequency ranges which are currently being used for satellite communication.

Many people think 5G will cause adverse health effects because of its high frequency range. However, normal visible light is also a radio frequency, but it operates at a much higher frequency and at higher power than 5G. If you stand next to a very bright light, it could burn your skin, which is as much as a 5G transmitter could do if the transmitter was powerful enough; however 5G transmitters are limited to a power output that wont exceed a 10w bulb.

bigclivedotcom is an experienced qualified electrician. He’s made hundreds of videos pulling electronic devices apart and explaining all the various components and how the device works. In this video below, he gives his view on 5G.

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