Beirut Explosion 2020

A warehouse in the North port of Beirut, Lebanon exploded on Tues 4th Aug 2020 at 6:08pm. (local time)

The warehouse had explosive materials that was confiscated from a ship in 2014.  Lebanon’s Interior Minister said that around 2,750 tonnes had been stored there for six years.  Apparently there was a problem with paywork, couldn’t pay the port fees and was later declared unseaworthy by Beirut authorises.

Hanger 12 appeared to have a huge store of fireworks going off inside the store.  This went on for several minutes until a much larger explosive material ignited.  This ignited what was left in the building in to a single massive explosion.  The shockwave rocked the whole city, blowing away almost everything within a mile radius, destroying buildings, cars, and killing about 50 people in its fireball, and hundreds more from flying debris.

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