My Personal Future Prediction (from 2011)

Many a time in the past I have thought of something only to find it appearing many years later.  So here’s a few things I’m expecting to turn up in the future…

  • TV only available via the internet. Terrestrial analogy and digital TV will be switched off. Within the next 20yrs, all TV broadcasts will be via the internet.
  • Phone connections via the internet too. Though you wont be aware of it, most telephone calls will be using the internet to connect calls.
  • TV screens and monitors to show more than just 3 combinations of colours. They can also decide on how much light to reflect, either being non-reflective or a total mirror. This will be one of many enhancements to current flat screen technology.
  • The price of material objects, like household items, automotive, electrical goods etc will significantly drop. Many due to 3D printers and humanoids
  • Driverless cars become legal and common everywhere. Cars taking kids to school and returning home by themselves as to take you to work!
  • Life expectancy averages to over 100 very soon, and there will be people living over 200 years old!
  • usb power sockets everwhere
  • A large meteoroid will be heading for earth, threaten all life on it. Will technology be able to defeat it?
  • International space station destroyed. a catastrophic coalition with another orbiting object makes the station uninhabitable.
  • A human colony based on the Moon and Mars where large number of people travel to visit
  • Human like robots to suddenly appear everywhere, and very quickly replace humans in jobs all industries.
  • Earth will be unable to sustain over 9 billion people living on it. Environmental issues become the only issue that matters in all countries.
  • Military tanks using displays and sensors to create camouflage.

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